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Dancing away a terrible, horrible, no good, really bad day


Swing dance class this week turned out to be a welcome reprieve on what was an otherwise pretty horrible day.  It admittedly did take a bit more effort to get myself to class that night, but I had a commitment and couldn't let a bad day stand in the way. 
It was a great class – we spent a lot of time working on what we learned in prior weeks and ended with learning a Charleston step.  The step was simple but took a bit of coordination, so I wouldn't say it was easy.  Overall, the class was pretty exhausting and energizing, which was just what I needed.  It’s amazing just how much a little bit of exercise can affect my mood for the better.  And swing dancing is a nice thing to do after a bad day - people are generally friendly, so there's a little bit of chatting to go along with the exercise. I highly recommend it!

Blogger "AmyM" is learning Swing Dance compliments of Boston Swing Central and New School Swing.