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Dancing for fun and exercise


I attended yet another Friday night social dance at Boston Swing Central last week.  It was a lot of fun and very exhausting.  This time around it seemed like there may have been more leads than follows.  Or maybe the dance was full of a large number of high stamina people.  It just felt like I spent much more time dancing this week than during any of the other nights I have attended so far.  Usually I get a moment to sit out a song and catch my breath, but not this time around.  There was always someone seeking out a dance partner and since I was there to dance I certainly didn’t want to say no. 
The dances are turning out to be a really a great way to exercise, be social, and have fun.  And although there are lessons before each dance, I’m happy to have more of a background after the last few months of classes.  Learning the basics in class has definitely helped me feel much more confident.  With that said, what happens in class and what happens at a dance is very different – frequently at dances I’m trying to follow things that I’ve never encountered before.  Although that felt a bit scary at first, now knowing that everyone will dance in a slightly (or very) different way has helped me let go of some anxiety – I can’t anticipate what will happen, but have to react, follow, and have fun.

Blogger "AmyM" is learning Swing Dance compliments of Boston Swing Central and New School Swing.



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Going to try the Friday night lesson/dance at Boston Swing Central tonight...never really learned swing dancing but have been learning blues dancing for a few months...I understand that the live band tonight that will play some blues as well as swing..hope I can pick up enough swing steps as to not to be dangerous as a lead!
A bit apprehensive..but thanks to AmyM for posting the info on the blog...sounds like a friendly crowd..