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How We Use Your Information

All personal information you provide on this site is kept confidential. getfit will never sell, rent, or release your name, email address, photos, or exercise data to a third party without your consent. You need to register with your name and email address so that we can create personal pages for your team”s exercise data. We also collect information about your T-shirt size for ordering purposes and information about your affiliation with MIT so organizers can collect general demographic data about the participation of various groups at MIT in the getfit program. The personal information you provide will be used in these ways:

  1. To maintain personal and team standings that only you and the members of your team can access. Team rankings will be visible to all participants, but individuals will be only be identified by their usernames.
  2. To send you weekly updates about the getfit challenge and other emails about getfit events and prize winners.

The email addresses that are collected during this process are collected and used by this site only for distribution of email related to getfit and password identification and recovery during registration/login. Your email will never be shared with other organizations, without your explicit authorization. We also use various “cookies” to automatically display your exercise totals when you log in on repeat visits and to collect some anonymous (non-personal) information. The information we collect is not connected to your personal details in any way, and we use it only to understand how our users browse the site and use our online tools.

What Are Cookies?

A “cookie” is a small piece of information generated by a web server and stored temporarily in the computer‘s web browser. Cookies are embedded in the HTML code that flows back and forth between the user‘s computer and the servers. A cookie file is not a secret way for a web server to find out everything about users and the information they have stored on their computers. The only way that any personal information (like your name) could be part of your cookie file would be if you personally entered that information on our website (when registering, for example) and our website’s server was programmed to include that information into the cookie file. Also, each cookie is specific to the particular server it came from, and web browsers will only send the cookie back to that server. There is no way for a web server to use a cookie to access any private information about you, or read your computer data. In addition, viruses are not spread through the use of cookies.

Policies for Managing Personal Information

All information collected from users is securely stored by IS&T at MIT, and is protected against unauthorized use. This information is stored on servers that are protected by physical and network security, including keys, access codes, and passwords. Access is restricted to authorized IS&T employees who are trained on our security policies and processes. In addition, all information entered or edited during registration and login is exchanged over the Internet through the secure HTTPS protocol to ensure confidentiality of passwords and profile information. The information stored from registration will remain securely in our database indefinitely until you choose to delete or un-register. To do that, please send us an email via the Contact Us page.

Information Collected by Third Parties

If you leave our site, you should review the privacy policies of other sites you visit to understand how these sites use cookies and the information they collect. Our privacy policies will not apply once you have left our site.